World emotional contact

“When the procedure is taken on board the erasing of one’s own character takes place, to some degree, so everyone comes to feel like one whole with the group of singers,” the anthropologist Rouge wrote.

Music as the glue of society may be identified by songs sung by working slaves as well as by soldiers’ choral songs and the sailors’ songs. Music tends to draw people together and bring them closer to one another.

The fact that music appears to be the fundamental cornerstone of our interaction to the world is profound because it allows us to make emotional touch with others and with everything, web page via the plucking of our heartbeats.

Every culture may expand on this fundamental sense in its own manner, developing a lexicon of musical chords and motives linked with particular moods and sensations.

Regardless of the historical source and function of music, modern people can no longer relate it to major events in their very life.

From conception to gestation, from birth to funeral, with everything that is possible between them, our present life on Earth is accompanied by a musical line.

And so it is no surprise that you could give us this hectic mix of emotions and memories through the sounds of your favorite tones.

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