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Harmless. But is the circle jerk really meaningless and harmless if men well into adulthood are seeking out strangers on the internet to re-create something we normally associate with adolescence? From my poll on “Male Friendships,” I found that while most bators prefer to jerk off with a few special friends or total strangers outside their social circles, about a quarter of respondents would like to bate with more of their friends. In addition to granting consciousness to their penises, BateWorlders justified their habits by invoking the phrase “male bonding” a lot, which led me to ask about the connection between bating and friendship. While the fundamental act needs no explanation, there are many variations of “bators” out there, and BateWorlders are pretty vocal about it. There are lots of able, talented people who are 89 who can’t remember anything. What do young straight white men do together when they are engaged in male bonding? The top two answers for what makes a person gay were “kissing another guy” and “becoming emotionally involved with a male sex partner.” So according to these responders, sexy female pornstars touching a cock isn’t gay; lips touching lips is gay; and for that matter, heart touching heart is really gay.

The common refrain is “it’s a male thing.” Well, yes, it is, but to some of us, it’s also a deeply homoerotic thing. To begin to understand that logic, you have to recognize what it’s reacting against: No one, not a single person in the history of time has, in the middle of hetero sex, stopped, assessed the situation of a penis coming into contact with a vagina and thought to utter the words, “Wow, this is really straight! That’s ironic considering the video is now coming back to haunt him. I will date Aida again, and I now understand why so many hot Barcelona senoritas work in London. I grab my dick, you grab your dick, you work my arm, I work your arm, same time, same time. We had a small chat and as he left , l turned to walk back to my doorstep looking at the envelope .It of course had the senders address so as mine ,so l thought it perhaps was something from work .

Many of the ads were looking for “JO.” Ward’s findings were that the ads looking for JO were often interchangeable in vocabulary and in setting the scene of what was to go down. These men are looking for encounters in which they can bare themselves to other men and have male-to-male nudity and often physical contact while maintaining their heteromasculine capital. It has over 15,000 registered users who have their online profiles other people can view and comment on. That’s a lot of not-gay dudes with profiles on a website for men who like to masturbate with other men. For Sex Web sites ( workers like Namio, camming is a lifeline. High school sweethearts Jaxx and Bunny started camming together when they needed money. For one section of the book, Ward and her research assistants looked at hundreds of Craigslist ads from 2006 and 2007-just two years shy of when BateWorld was started.

They get drunk and stoned, watch heterosexual porn, and they talk about “pussy.” The ads draw heavily upon the model of adolescent friendship, or the presumably meaningless and proto-sexual circle jerk. As exemplified by the scene-settings of the Craigslist ads studied by Ward, when straight men masturbate together, they use straight pornography as a substitute for a woman. Here are some advices about pracitising tantric sex that can be uses both by a woman and a man and by two gay or lesbian lovers. Bators can be bi or gay men who are not interested in casual oral or penetrative sex. Based on higher rates of public closetedness among bi men, we can even extrapolate that a healthy portion of those who list themselves as bi are not publicly open about their bisexual identities. Generally speaking, no problem with partner orientation, but I’d be lying if I said that the experience across straight, bi, gay, unsure, was the same and as reliable and even enjoyable in outcome. Even so, they are lines that allow for a thriving sexual subculture with a logic all its own.

There are bators who grew up with mutual masturbation and bators who did not. Let’s say you’re searching for chatrooms labeled as cougar chats, but your curiosity doesn’t end there. Let’s keep on going. So I’m going to estimate that anywhere between 15 and 30 percent of BateWorld members are straight in the world outside of the bate. Then there’s the 5 percent of members who have chosen not to identify. But that 10 percent claiming to be Str8 is significant. Does it say something about who you are? The wireless communication has existed for so long a time, since the times of smoke signaling , some drum beating for communication, and we entered the era of electromagnetic waves where the radio waves are doing all the working. If all the men of the world just admitted they bate and started doing it together, we’d probably have peace on earth!

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