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Countertow Walk – US United States

The new England patriots have always been the central team of topics, they still in the focus of spotlights during this course. When the most incredible magical reversal in history, the patriot immediately put into the team building in the new season. They have some STEPHON GILLMORE, which contains four millions of guarantees, and uses a round of BRANDIN COOKS with this heavy transaction. Of course, it is still very unexpectedly like a Gronk guest WWE Wrestle Frenzy.

Just as they have been in the past decade, they will start the new season with the ID of the most popular team of the United States. In 2007, they were only one step away cheap jerseys from china perfect, but they still fell to the last code. And this year, who is the most hope that they will block the US team outside the super bowl?

On the night of the draft, let’s take a look at the Great World’s team.

List of small hills

New England Patriot

For senior brady, the secret of “young” on the station may not only depend on his own. The patriot provides him with a very depth balloy that has been lacking for a long time. Billichick told the team members to get the superior advantages of the playoffs, but they have been in two consecutive years, and they have avoided the online card. After complementing Gillmore, if you can leave Malcom Butler, then this second-line defense is enough to become the top of the league. Any results below the United States can be seen as failure, this is what we are also the minimum standard of Billichick to draw patriots.

Do not enter the season, it is failed.

Pittsburgh steel man, Auckland raid, Denver Yam, Kansas City Chief

For steel people, Martavis Bryant banned the end of the offensive group is the greatest assistance. Marshawn Lynch (very likely) and Jared Cook’s joining makes the raid lineup looks a bit unstoppable. Andy Reid is the same as in previous years to find out the filling of the chief, and this time is around the lineup around Alex Smith. It is not much. The wild horse may be the most unlining prospects in this group of teams, not just because they have changed a group of coaches, and the quarter-saving problems still have no final answer. However, their champion-level defensive groups still make them a popular candidate for the playoffs.

Perhaps the four teams will not all kill the playoffs. However, they all have a strong champion desire to let them be burning their energy in January, and step on the patriot to kill the United States is their ultimate goal.


Baltimore Crow, Los Angeles Lightning, Miami Dolphin, Cincinnati Meng Hu

Be careful! Everyone will meet the new lightning! Offseason looks calm, but lightning was able to add some players to come forward at the crucial moment & mdash; & mdash; of course, that ready to be a magnificent show Tony Romo failed to achieve a lifetime of quarterback . The crow is not far from the race last season, but the general manager ozzie knows that the crow’s defensive group is now not rehabilitated, and they need to get a considerable amount of force players from the draft. This sentence is the same. Suitable for Meng Hu, the two teams are plagued by the depth of lineup. Dolphin’s mission is whether you still maintain competitiveness under the leadership of the young head coach Adam Gase, after all, the last two consecutive years of winning, is already 15 years ago.

This group of teams did not pull a clear gap with the previous set. The playoffs is still a goal that can be struggling.

Mei Nan plus one

Tennesi Titan, Indianapolis Pima, Houston Texas, Jacksonville America, Buffalo

I want to select a team that is most likely to win a partition champion from nfl jerseys. It is not easy. Titan and Pony have a good signature in the offset period, but their focus is still a four-point return. Throping the four-defense and the past five years of bleak records, the team of Jenan is even seemingly like the team. The question of Texas is lucky enough to win 9-7, this luck will last. Bill as the only non-Mei Nan team here, if they want to kill the playoff, there is too much job, 6-10 is already an optimistic estimate. But if you can health, Tyrod Taylor, Lesean McCoy and Sammy Watkins are still worth seeing.

One of these teams outside the season is an accident, challenge the patriot temporarily should not be included in the goal.

Let’s fight again

New York Jet, Cleveland Brown

Brown has become an offensive from the Aspect team has not so far off, of course, before the quarterback issues to be priorities. 1-15 The record may not have any more, but the playoff is still indishable & mdash; & mdash; just as the jet.

3 years agoNew York rebuild the road is still long no hope, veteran Sheldon Richardson and Eric Decker will also like Darrelle Revis as to usher in a cliff-style downturn season? Perhaps the coach Todd Bowles is not willing to admit that the jet is already in the reconstruction process, but the barren roster tells the status quo of each person’s jet. Oh, we haven’t talked about quaditioning, forget it, this problem doesn’t talk.

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