The Undisputed Popularity of Keno Game

There is no doubt that keno has already reached the zenith of popularity.

This casino game has already invaded every brick and mortar casino. It has transformed into an all-time favorite game of every eager and enthusiastic player. Indeed, it is already a staple of both online and traditional casinos.

Opinions vary concerning the profitability of this particular game.

This is most especially true when it comes to keno game, where it is said to have a high house edge. One may say that these arguments have their merits. However, it can be also argued that the above-mentioned statement is no more than a plain assumption of those who are too desperate to snatch a single win.

Nevertheless, prior to agreeing with such beliefs and notions, perhaps, it is much better to have a better understanding of the game.

Gaining insights on how keno evolved and became a hot gambling commodity gives a better perspective towards the profitability of this game.

Return to memory lane

Keno traces its roots to China. It is estimated that this game existed for approximately 2000 years.

It was previously referred to as “baige piao,” which meant white pigeon ticket.

Some say that keno was used to help build China's Great Wall. However, there is insufficient evidence to prove or support this claim. What is certain is that it did not take long before this game hit the popularity scale after being introduced to the brick and mortar casinos of the Las Vegas strip.

The profitability factor

Keno shares a similarity with other casino games such as bingo, lottery and number games. They all follow the same principle and that is to get number matches in order for the player to win.

The above-mentioned principle explains why certain players downplay the profitability of this game.

It is purely based on luck and creating a strategy seems like a futile effort, not to mention the fact that it has a high house edge.

Nevertheless, if you take a closer look, the not so attractive aspects of this game is also evident in other casino games.

An online slot, for example is also based on luck and so is bingo and lottery.

On a closer look, they do not really differ from keno at all. Thus, there is no need to single out keno since such dilemma is also experienced in other games.

In terms of the high house edge, pai gow's house edge is also high. Yet, this does not mean that achieving big wins is not possible.

The same argument also applies to keno.

Keno may be purely based on luck, but so are other games. A dash of luck is needed in every online casino game. Losing is a part of gambling and so this aspect, as mentioned, cannot be exclusively used as an excuse to avoid keno.

An objective perspective shows that while keno has a high house edge, it does not require special strategies to master the game. One does not have to spend so much time in understanding keno compared to other skill-based games such as baccarat, blackjack and poker.

Its profitability stems from the fact that it has a low betting requirement. Players can readily make the most of their allotted budget. However, if they go beyond that, then that is a different story. Players also need to be responsible gamers.

At the end of the day, the simplicity and fun present in keno is one of the reasons why it remains popular-so appealing that not even a high house edge could prevent its loyal patrons from playing the game.

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