The history of music during the Avant-garde period

The Italian composer, artist and futurist poet Luigi Russolo builds noise instruments (he calls them Intonarumori), creates a noise orchestra and writes a manifesto for website futuristic music. This is how the blurring of the line between noise and music begins – the most striking musical event after the beginning of the decay of tonality.

Russolo’s instruments were actually noise machines; something similar was used for a very long time in theater, including opera, and then in cinema. The score created for such instruments was a fundamentally new step; it was she who gave the noise order in time, and web page with it the musical status. It is believed that Russolo’s invention influenced styles that appeared already in the computer age – noise and industrial.

“Tiger Rag” recorded the melody of the French square dance, website which was danced in Parisian brothels during the era of Louis Bonaparte (1852-1870). The square dance is very close to the direct ancestor of jazz – the genre of piano dance music ragtime. The appearance of Dixieland records marked the beginning of the era of jazz, and today all traditional jazz is called Dixieland. Generally speaking, jazz is the first phenomenon of globalization, music, in the formation of which three continents are equally involved (America, Africa and Europe).

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