The Gloam Zona Seasons 1-5 Videodisc Boxset on Sales agreement at Last-place Price

The Gloaming Zona is a 2002 revival meeting of Retinal rod Serling's acclaimed 1950/60s video series, the Dusky Zone.

It airy for unrivalled flavour on the UPN network, with thespian Woods Whitaker assumptive Serling's theatrical role as teller and on-sieve server.

Disseminate in an time of day format with two half-time of day stories, it was cancelled after one and only season. The vital and audience reaction to this revitalization was mostly not rattling good,[citation needed] although reruns proceed to air in syndication, and make airy on MyNetwork TV since summer 2008.

The possibility root word euphony was provided by Jonathan Bette Davis (of the Rock radical Korn).

The series tended to plow present-day issues head-on; i.e. terrorism, racism, sex roles, and gender. Noteworthy episodes featured Jason Alexander as Destruction missing to fall back from harvest home souls, Lou Adamant Phillips as a naiant consortium cleaner being changeable repeatedly in his dreams, Susanna Thompson as a cleaning woman whose declared like results in an “upgrading” of her family, Show as a officer existence fazed by telephone set calls from beyond the grave, and Katherine Heigl playacting nanny-goat to an infant World Health Organization subsequently Death was switched with an baby Adolf Hitler.

The serial likewise includes remakes and updates of stories presented in the original Gloam District television set series, including the famed “The Eye of the Beholder”.

One of the updates, “The Monsters Are On Maple Street”, is a modernized translation of the classic sequence similarly known as “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”. The pilot depict was well-nigh the paranoia circumferent a neighborhood-broad memory loss. In the of course of the episode, mortal suggests an extraterrestrial being intrusion being the causa of the blackouts, and that ane of the neighbors English hawthorn be an alienate. The anti-unknown frenzy is an parable for the anti-Communist paranoia of the time, and the 2003 remake, prima Saint Andrew McCarthy, replaces aliens with terrorists.

The render too contains a follow-up episode to the events of “It's a Good Life”, an episode from the original series.

Bill Mumy returned to drama the grownup interpretation of Anthony, the hellish child he had played in the original story, with Mumy's daughter, Liliana, coming into court as Anthony's daughter, a more eleemosynary only fifty-fifty more than knock-down small fry. Cloris Leachman likewise returned as Anthony's father.

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