The ‘gay Cure’ Experiments That Were Written Out Of Scientific History

This results in the accumulation of GAG in the urine, plasma and tissues and causes multi-systemic, progressive disease. Heath’s central insight – that schizophrenia was a disease of the brain rather than the mind – has certainly been vindicated, and triumphantly so. First he thought it could “wake up” the brain from a sleep-like state; then that it could be used to compensate for schizophrenics’ defective pleasure centres; or to detect and disrupt epileptic fits; or relieve chronic pain. Conversely, if you are free of this fabricated sexual stereotype, then it shall appeal to partners that are also free of the false belief. The gym worker’s previous marriage fell apart when her husband discovered she was cheating, and she now admits she would rather meet with married men then commit to a relationship. A number of herbal sex pills for men are now available cum on teen tits a global scale and each new product aims to offer through healthier alternatives by using more natural or herbal ingredients.

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