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Studies have found some jelly and PVC toys contain added toxic chemicals called phthalates, which are added to rubber to make it flexible. In 1875, Swiss Daniel Peter found a way to mix cocoa with condensed milk with the help of his friend Henri Nestle, making the first milk chocolate. And in 1907, the first Hersey’s kisses were created. In Hersey, Pennsylvania, there are over 80 million Hersey’s kisses sold every year. About 71-90 million pounds of candies are sold during the holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween and Easter. Heck, wouldn’t you just like her to “get off” from your ride? Let’s be honest, if a man has the potential to offer a woman “the ride of a lifetime,” what woman is going to want to get on the Kiddie Express at the County Fair? Now, do you want to ride a “coaster” that you have to sign a health release before you even get on it, or would you rather get on a ride that’s going to put you to sleep?