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Techno Kids – Professing Technical Skills to Children

Gone is the era when children hardly attained any technical skills until the time they entered high school.

Techno Kids is a DIY aka do-it-yourself program that professes the kids with life hacks which makes their life easier. Incorporating numerous tricks and techniques that make the quotidian work effortless to execute, the show is a big hit among the kids. Launched with the idea of bestowing the kids of an age group of four to fourteen years with concepts of mechanical and engineering, it is equally novel and downright effective.

Considering parents don't like to see their kids watching a lot of TV, it is a kind of show which the parents will recommend their kids to watch so as to upgrade their knowledge and revitaa pro supplement comprehend skills that can help them throughout their lifetime.

The program is segmented into four parts: first one being the section when the host cum dost aka DJ tutors the kids to make best out of waste stuff.

This includes making wired remote control car out of card boards and wires, which are readily available in everyone's house to creating a vacuum cleaner from a plastic soft drink bottle. The aim of the show is to teach the kids that nothing is ever a waste thing unless a person doesn't know the right way of using that thing.

The second segment is of Life hacks i.e. the quick tricks and techniques to ease up the complex looking stuff. For instance, in the recent episodes, DJ taught the kids to make a medicine container from the cap of a plastic bottle and also a very undemanding method of peeling a hard boiled egg.

The purpose of this segment is to make the kids spontaneous. We often find ourselves caught up in situations that warrant the use of our intellect. The life hacks proffered in the show not only are helpful but also easy enough to apprehend so that kids can remember them throughout their lifetime.

The third section is of life facts i.e. general knowledge. As we are told by teachers in schools that general awareness is one of the most requisite things for a person to be good at, Techno Kids wholeheartedly understands this statement. In every episode, children are told things from the past and the present which boosts their knowledge.

The fourth and final section is of 'Innovation'. In this segment, DJ meets and greets innovators from across the globe that is doing groundbreaking stuff. Through this, children not only get to know the ingenious personalities but also take a glance at their innovations and the heights science has scaled to.

The program airs every Sunday on Maha Cartoon TV, the first ever free-to-air Hindi Cartoon channel of India. Available on both the platforms i.e.

The program airs every Sunday on Maha Cartoon TV, the first ever free-to-air channel of India. Available on both the platforms i.e. DTH and YouTube, kids can relish the show anytime, anywhere. If interested in knowing more about the program and the channel, kindly visit the following site: mahacartoontv

Soundpeats true wireless earbuds: $28 and better than Galaxy Buds Plus?

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The Soundpeats Truengine 3 SE sound way better than their Cheapskate-exclusive $28 price tag would suggest.

Rick Broida/CNET

Lots and revita pro scam lots of companies ask me to write about their true wireless earbuds. Not many are willing to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. It went down like this: The folks at Soundpeats invited me to try their new (at the time) Truengine 3 SE earbuds, noting that “some reviewers claim they’re better than .” Usually the comparison is to , so I was intrigued.

I responded that I didn’t have Galaxy Buds and therefore couldn’t do a direct comparison. No problem, they said, we’ll send you a pair to test for yourself.

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Challenge accepted. That’s some pretty bold confidence right there, especially considering the price disparity between these two. The Galaxy Buds Plus list for $150; the Soundpeats, for $50. And before I dive into the outcome of my testing, a deal: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get the after clipping the on-page 20%-off coupon and then applying promo code QXD8NZCY at checkout. That’s from Amazon seller HSL Tech. If you see a different one listed, the coupon and/or code might not be available. Last time around, the price was $37.

I want to make absolutely clear that the promise of “free Galaxy Buds” had zero bearing on my evaluation. Rather, I was glad to have the opportunity to test a premium product other than AirPods. (With rare exception, I focus on cheapie earbuds.) And now that this comparison is done, the Galaxy Buds are headed to the donation box.

Here’s the upshot: The Soundpeats earbuds sound good. Very good. Way better, in fact, than you’d expect for $37. Credit the dual dynamic drivers (same as Galaxy Buds have), Qualcomm 3020 chipset, or some other techno-blab I won’t pretend to understand. They’re just good.

Starting with a Spotify playlist called , I went back and forth with the two sets of earbuds. I don’t have the highly tuned ears of, say, CNET’s David Carnoy, but I will say I liked the Galaxy Buds just a little better overall. The sound quality seemed ever-so-slightly warmer. There were a few times I forgot which pair I had in, however, and found myself impressed by the sound and thinking, “Oh, these must be the Buds” — and they were the Truengine.

I’ll also note that the Galaxy Buds stayed put in my ears a little better thanks to their little fin — but that was an issue only while running. With the Soundpeats, I felt like they might fall out at any minute (though they never did, even after four miles). The Galaxy Buds can play longer on a charge, too — a whopping 11 hours, to the Soundpeats’ 6.5 — and they come in a case that supports wireless charging. The Soundpeats case is strictly USB-C.

Does any of that add up to a willingness to spend an extra $122? Definitely not. While I can’t agree the Truengine 3 SE earbuds are “better” than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, I believe they’re a steal at $28.

Your thoughts?

This is an update of a story from September. Same product, bigger discount. Woot!

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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are significantly improved


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CCTV Digital Recorder – Protection Systems a Techno Present

Having said that, right now using the state-of-the-art technologies we've been really blessed with CCTV digital recorder and CCTV based protection systems.

You'll concur about this blessing in disguise.

When we are out or pre occupied with several other operate, in the back again of our mind, a believed normally bothers us. The safety and properly getting of our expensive kinds at household is normally a problem. This is when these cameras and security equipments are available in handy.

A take a look at with all the instructor tells how an intelligent child has completed badly at college owing negligence or revitaa pro review 2021 with other pastimes; this is often rectified by putting in a CCTV digital recorder at residence and monitor their whereabouts.

They too will be careful about studies. In the event the be concerned is the elders residing by yourself the cameras support.

Most of the elite and greatest educational institutions nowadays have opted for these gadgets not simply to teach, but in addition for that dad and mom to become aware in the classroom and campus function. The transport assistance primarily catering to desires from the children should adopt these CCTV security system and safeguard them.

These lenses concealed at several factors and angles present lots of safety in substantial, multi leveled buying centre where even the floor employees manning the location have an easy entry to valuable items.

Many miscreants who've knack for theft would feel two times prior to they try shoplifting.

Numerous in the high-class and wide unfold housing have shielded the premise using several different these procedures right at the entrance.

Using the surmounting rate of crimes inside the metro cities both the CCTV design recorder /CCTV security system has develop into an essentiality.

Incorporating using world-wide-web, Ethernet and also the local community just about every entry or exit to the nationwide highway, railway stations, airports and coastline could be produced available date and time smart.

These modern developments and techno science have proved to become a worthwhile investment to quite a number of entrepreneurs' whose perform area is wide stretched.

With limited guy power, such networking would be affordable. This may unquestionably cease all unethical procedures, with the use of these cameras and security approaches a massive crowd or gathering can view significant community capabilities conveniently without having a lot strain, stampedes too might be averted.

Previously quite a few events and unforgettable moments had been recorded making use of the video clip cameras. To preserve all the protection concerned quite a bit of room, video tape etc.

Currently these techno electronic improvisations like CCTV digital recorder with advanced hard drives and USB ports the customers can accommodate lots of information with no any further transform in the existing storage instrument.

In short the duo is actually a dream occur correct for a progressive long term of mankind.

Adopt the and safeguard your children. For more details visit our site on .