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Techno Softwares – Ecommerce Platform Migration

Ecommerce website and applications are the best methods to enhance the business for a business enterprise.

Sometimes there are needs to shift the ecommerce site or application to another platform than the one it was built for. There can be many reasons for the change of platform, but the most common of them all is upgradation. As the business grows, the owners find a need to upgrade the website to another platform which suits the needs.

Easy usage can be another reason for the change of platform of the ecommerce site or application. The need to have better access to a wider network of customers is also one of the prominent reasons for the change of ecommerce platform.

However, the migration to a different platform needs the developer or the owner to take care of certain issues.

Some of those issues are listed below:

Domain name: on shifting to a new platform, the domain name of the ecommerce site or application should be taken care of properly. It should be ensured that the domain is properly registered. The domain name servers (DNS) should also be updated.

Gaining access to the domain sometimes takes a lot of expertise on the part of the owner and the developer.

Updating the processes: the current processes also need to be updated on shifting the ecommerce platform. All the business processes would have to be streamlined and automated for the successful migration of the ecommerce platform.

Taking Care of Security Certificates: all the SSL certificates should be ensured to be updated before migrating onto another platform.

Managing Data Migration: migrating an ecommerce platform is very difficult due to the management of the management of the data migration. Huge amount of data needs to be migrated to the other platform and needs to be synchronized while migrating an ecommerce platform.

Managing SEOs: when migrating an ecommerce platform the owner or the developer also has to ensure that the SEO links are not changed as changing the SEOs would make business slower. Sticking to the previous SEO links is always a better idea than generating new links.

Managing the emails: after and during the ecommerce platform migration, emails have to be kept functional to ensure that the business is not hampered. A new email should be developed few days after the migration of ecommerce platform.

Testing: the migration should also be tested in real-time conditions to ensure that the migration is beneficial for the business and is running smoothly without any glitches.

A new platform always needs to be tested before announcing the migration.

The Date: the date from which the migrated platform would become available to the customers should always be announced beforehand. This would ensure that the customers don't face any problems in locating the ecommerce site even after the migration.

The Time: the time when the transfer would take place should also be predetermined.

Continuing the Old Site: even after the migration, the old ecommerce site should be kept functional for a few days to make the customers aware of the change. An announcement about the migration should be made on the old site for the convenience of the customers.

Taking Help from a Guide: an expert or a guide can be consulted to ensure successful migration of the ecommerce platform and to guarantee that the customers are not lost.

Hiring an eCommerce Development Company: taking professional help from an ecommerce site development company is always better for the migration to be hassle-free, of global standards, be cost effective, timely deployment.

You just have to contact Techno Softwares for a quote and be rest assured of getting the best experience in ecommerce platform migration.

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2022 Hyundai Elantra N is a compact rocket with customizable engine sounds

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No, must watch revitaa pro reviews 2021 the middle of the bumper isn’t missing, it’s painted that way.


Some automakers are keen to create a performance model by slapping sticky tires and a few more horsepower onto a more mass-market-friendly vehicle. If you had any worry that the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N would be like that, this should put your worries to rest.

Hyundai on Thursday unveiled the North American spec of the 2022 Elantra N, and it’s a doozy. Let’s start with the simple stuff. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 producing 276 horsepower and 289 pound-feet of torque, routed through the front wheels by way of a standard six-speed manual transmission with rev-matching downshifts. There’s an optional eight-speed dual-clutch automatic that includes an overboost function (N Grin Shift, in Hyundai parlance) capable of raising output to 286 hp for brief periods. 

The DCT can also sense track driving and change its shift logic to prevent cog swaps at odd times, and both variants can pause brake-pedal override to permit for left-foot braking while applying throttle. Yes, there’s a launch control, too, and the 245/35R19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires should provide plenty of stick.

Best Ways Of Protecting Your Macbook With Protective Skin

All Macbook owners swear they'll take excellent care of them and maintain them in the pristine manner in which they received them.

Yea, right. How long does that last? A week? A month? A Macbook with a marred, dinged, scratched and the scuffed cover looks terrible. Don't roll your eyes and poo-poo and claim it doesn't matter. Just consider these scenarios:

Your school provided you with a MacBook at the beginning of the school year or your borrowed one from the college at the beginning of the semester.

Because it was so light and compact, you put it in your backpack and went on your way. But, those crushing textbooks, notebooks, and pens and pencils did their damage. No big deal, right? Wrong! That contract you signed when you received the laptop had a nice little clause that stated you would be responsible for paying for all repairs. you're on a job interview.

It's going great and you want to show the executives of some examples of your genius. You reach into your briefcase and take out your Macbook with the scuffed-up cover. First impression alert! Those executives are now forming opinions about you. That Macbook is your business tool, and if you can't treat it with appreciation and respect, how will you treat their business tools?

Moreover, how will you treat them and their staff? This really happens. You got a new job and need to purchase a Macbook. Your current laptop is only six months old and is in excellent working condition. You paid $700 and are willing to sell it for $500.

You want to use the proceeds to purchase the Macbook. You place an ad in Craigslist, but no one responds. You don't understand why and ask a friend. Your friend looks at the ad, points out all the scratches and scuffs on the cover on the laptop and says that it looks terribly damaged and like it belongs in the trashcan.

And, these are just a few examples.

You could protect your IPhone 6S Natural Cases. Cases, however, are bulky, must fit exactly, and have breakable pieces. Skins are great alternatives. Skins cost much less, barely weigh anything, fit precisely (like “skin”), are oftentimes half the price of cases, and just as efficiently protect the Macbook cover.


Slickwraps offers skins for ten of the most popular Iphone 6 Plus Wooden Case laptops (No Touch, Touchbar, 12, Retina, revitaa pro, and Air). These skins are highlighted in numerous techno blogs and electronic publications.

Slickwraps offer the protection you need for your Macbook.

It also offers something even more special. Macbooks are fantastic tools. There's no question. But, let's face it. They look boring. With a Slickwraps skin, you decide everything.

When you customize your skin, you choose the background color, then you can:

Upload an Instagram or Facebook photo or something you downloaded to your computer. Add your own text. add a stamp from one of the following groups:

o Galactic Series

o Hero Series

o Villain Series

o Animalactic Series

o Cliparts

o Animals

o Emoji One

o Food

With Slickwraps, your skin is always unique and one-of-a-kind.

Slickwrap offers a fantastic point deal. For every $10 you spend you receive one point, which is equal to one dollar. So stash up and alternate your looks.

Slickwraps is your premier authority for the best consumer electronics protection and accessories.

It also offers products for smartphones and other small electronics with the best materials at the best possible.

Slickwraps is the premier source for quality consumer electronics protection and accessories. Its products have been featured in many of the top online electronics magazines and techno blogs.

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About Techno Stress

Perhaps one of the most unusual yet common stresses that most people have nowadays is the thing known as techno stress.

Technology stress (techno stress) is a term which refers to the over exposure to different forms of technology.

You know that you are suffering from technology stress when you hear a cell phone ringing and you want to scream because it reminds you of too much work.

People such as businessmen are more prone to this type of stress since even when they are in vacation they still bring their work with them or their work are still “haunting” them.

If you are suffering from this type of stress, do not worry since there are a lot of ways on how to relieve yourself from this and one way to do this is by trying to find time for rest.

Over work is actually one of the most common reasons on why a lot of people are suffering from techno stress. With this reason, it is important that you balance work and time for yourself.

To help you fight techno stress, you will need to make your own “techno-rules”.

In your “techno-rules” include a time schedule on which you will do your work and Revitaa pro time for your rest. Remember that rest and relaxing is very important for you to avoid any type of stresses.

As much as possible you should limit the time that you spend when it comes to emailing or doing things that involve computers or other technological devices.

This way you will be able to avoid encountering techno stress.

If in case that you are the type of person who is not that knowledgeable much when it comes to repairing computers by the time that they crash, you should definitely hire a professional to take care of that problem.

Rest and relaxation do matters, it can help us to have an energize body and mind. So it is best to always rest and relax amidst of our busy schedule. Another thing, it would be very helpful if you take vitamins and supplements that can support our overall health for you to be able to do your tasks well and good.

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