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Netflix’s Sexy Beasts episode 5 recap: ‘Techno prince warrior poet’

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Mantis meets dolphin.


It’s the dating life aquatic on episode 5 of . Nina, an administrative assistant from San Diego, has in my opinion one of the more unsettling prosthetics. She’s a dolphin, revitaa pro supplement complete with fin and blowhole. She wants a cowboy. “I really love the idea of just living out on a big farm with my cowboy and some horses,” she says, as if the cowboy will go into a temperature-controlled cabinet every evening for storage. 

Vying for Nina’s dolphin attentions is Mick, a holistic health practitioner from Los Angeles. Mick’s a rhino. He’s also my nightmare. I’ll let him tell you why: “I am the techno prince warrior poet monkey man spiritual cowboy on the hero’s journey to liberate human kind.”

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Reader, I mashed the pause button and just yelled “STOPPPPP” at the TV. It gets better. He apparently practices something he calls “sex kung fu,” which feels like it’s possibly deeply offensive to traditional practitioners of kung fu, and also something I won’t be Googling to gauge the validity of. (Can I get a sensitivity reader in here?)

Following Mick is Dominic, a model from London masquerading as a mantis. He loves to party and says he gets told ALL the time that his personality is elite. Right. Sure. ALL THE TIME. So many people. 

Rounding out the trio is Dustin, a student from Texas who’s dressed as a scarecrow. He likes guns, horses and boots! Hot diggity. Ole Dustin here sounds like a cowboy. Oh boy.

Once the speed dates get going, Nina immediately zeroes in on those boots. 

“He’s such a guy, and that’s really hot,” she says, not just lowering the bar but completely removing it. Her read on Mick? He pays attention to her, which she likes. GIRL. Raise your standards. Dominic tells her that he found himself in Cancun at a wet T-shirt contest while on Spring Break.

In the end, she sends Dustin home because, get this: wearing boots is not an adequate indicator of compatibility.

In the wake of the cowboy debacle, Dominic and Nina go bowling, where they try to slide belly first down the lane, a thing that doesn’t work. On the other hand, she and Mick go on a ride in the country in a horse drawn carriage, an experience she says is “straight out of my dreams.” To be clear, she still has a fin on her head. They end up meditating while getting beers. She gets foam all over her nose. STRAWS, PEOPLE.  Also, he uses “chi” and “lovey-dovey” in the same sentence. So. Yeah. 

And yet. AND YET, she picks Mick. At least he offers her his jacket. Cough, JAMES.

Polestar 2 EPA-estimated range falls short of previous calculations

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Not as good as we hoped, but we still dig the 2.


The , while a very lovable and credible challenger to the based on our first couple , won’t be one to topple range records. According to official estimates the EPA released for the 2 this week, the electric car will go 233 miles on a single charge.

First of all, that’s lower than Polestar’s internal estimate of 250 miles. Second, it falls short of the Model 3 Standard Range at 250 miles and way short of the Model 3 Long Range, which the EPA rates for 322 miles on a single charge. It’s a bit of a bummer, honestly, for the Polestar because we think it’s a terrific vehicle. But the folks at Polestar likely knew what was coming.

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Back in August, Polestar and FT Techno released a peculiar study in which it directly and a few other EV rivals. The company knew its car didn’t have the longest range estimate then, but it went ahead with the independent partner and pinned the 2 against the competition, no strings attached. It’s clear now why the brand wanted that data. In the test, Polestar noted the 2 achieved second place with an efficient use of its “usable range.” That’s the range actually available to drivers. In this case, the independent test looked at the cars traveling at highway speeds to simulate a road trip at 70 mph. The Polestar 2 managed to use 82% of its range in a productive manner and went 205 miles with the climate control running.

In comparison, the Model 3 Performance went the furthest and clocked 234 miles before it ran out of juice during the test. However, the results showed it delivered the least amount of usable range with just 75% delivered during the test. The boasts a 299-mile range estimate. This data makes the Polestar 2 look a lot more competitive, even though we often judge EVs based on their total range estimates.

It’s also worth noting the phrase “your mileage may vary” is very applicable when it comes to EVs. revitaa pro for sale example, the EPA rates the for 201 miles of range. Our very own Steven Ewing without sweating the battery level much at all. We’ll need some seat time to see how the Polestar 2 translates in our own hands, but for now, color us a tad bummed with the 233-mile estimate.

Tabloid PC – A New Era of Techno

Tablet a new invention for a new era in a cyber world was giving a lot of new features and development in technology field in India.

But, with some advantages and also some disadvantages…

Today in the era of developing technologies and cyber world a new achievement and invention from the gadget world was none other then tablets. An Invention which makes our life simpler and smoother's, now the question is from where the idea of these tablets came to our idiot box?

A tablet pc was a suitable example of Pen Computing Technology.

And thus their history said to be a deep of technological history which may be quite surprising for a common man who is only familiar with current commercial product. In the second half of the 20th century tabloid pc comes into existence as a work of science fiction and used in many science fiction movies of that time.

Allan Kay attempt to formulate a portable computer concept in 1968, a personal computer for children of all ages.

In 1990s go corp. Pen point OS, Acorn computers were come into existence? But, in 2000 Microsoft introduced its own tablet pc running a licensed specific tablet enhanced version of its Microsoft Windows OS. But these tabs not successfully make their stars in the market because of their heavy weight and less advanced features such as (fingers and virtual keypad).

In 2010, Steve jobs CEO of apple turn the coins by launching Apple I-Pad.

This was a lightweight tabloid Pc with many advanced feature, as a result bang in gadget market. On March 2, 2011 apple announced that over 15 million tablet's was sold which was indigestible to tablet world. After apple on January, 2011 over 80 tablet launched from different companies such as Samsung galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, ASUS etc.

which also run the market successfully. According to IDC apple market accounted 80% of all media sales in 2010 which was a one of the best result of media market. Recently appeared news on media make apple a namesake, apple targeted Samsung by putting a claim for using same technique .Tab not only change the media market but also make the life of common man ease and secure in each and every sector, not only business person but also an student make the use of tablet for their entertainment and work too.

Because of their portability, small size, lightweight, flexible screen, attractive design, handwriting recognition, data storage, get revitaa pro compatibility, GPS navigation etc made the person to work smartly and comfortably.

But, beside all these advantages there were some disadvantages too. There were some cheaper tabloids also such as akash and Microsoft fun book ranging 2000 to 5000rs for students introduced in the market but, with low speed and lack of data entry not gone to make there roots in the market.

So this is the world of with lots of competition for the best and also for the advancement in technologies. This was a generation developing a new and advanced world of techno groups.