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Southwest Airlines flight cancellations aren’t due to vaccine mandate. What you should know

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Why did Southwest cancel so many flights

Getty Images

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights this past weekend due to multiple issues, leaving passengers stranded across the US. But don’t blame the mass cancellations on protests against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Some people on social media had speculated that the widespread disruption was due to pilots or air traffic controllers protesting . The Federal Aviation Administration and the airline say this isn’t true. 

What caused all the flight cancellations?

this past weekend were canceled. The airline cited issues of weather and limited staffing at Florida airports. “ATC issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend while we work to recover our operation,” Southwest said in a .

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The airline added more details about the issues on Monday.

“On Friday evening, the airline ended the day with numerous cancellations, primarily created by weather and other external constraints, which left aircraft and crews out of pre-planned positions to operate our schedule on Saturday,” . “Unfortunately, the out-of-place aircraft and continued strain on our crew resources created additional cancellations across our point-to-point network that cascaded throughout the weekend and into Monday.”

The FAA confirmed that weather and staff shortage issues as well as military training Friday near the Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hilliard, Florida, contributed to the cancellations. 

This created a cascading effect for Southwest that continued into Monday, with more than 300 flights canceled, according to . 

Are the cancellations due to walkouts over COVID-19 vaccine mandates?

No, according to Southwest and the FAA. 

A began circulating Saturday alleging a walkout of air traffic controllers at the Jacksonville International Airport due to a . Others on social media suggested Southwest employees are protesting the . 

and , both Republicans from Texas, tweeted about the cancellations. Roy said while he was unsure if this was airline employees or air traffic controllers rebelling, they would have his support. Cruz put the blame on Biden’s push for vaccine mandates. 

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In regard to the rumor of an air traffic controller walkout, flights in and out of the Jacksonville International Airport — where many Southwest flights were canceled — are handled by the Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center. The FAA, which employees most air traffic controllers, said in a statement Monday there have been no staff shortages since Friday.

In a letter to the Jacksonville Aviation Authority board of directors received by on Sunday, Jacksonville Aviation Authority COO Tony Cugno said the air traffic controller staff issue at the Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center was a combination of different factors. The first was approved leave for employees, and the second was a required 48-hour period when employees at the center have to stay home to self-monitor for any side effects after receiving a vaccine shot.

The FAA said it’s working to have its workers 

Another issue with the rumor: There would have been far more cancellations by other airlines if there was a walkout by air traffic controllers. According to FlightAware, , while the US airline with the second-most cancellations was . 

On Oct. 4, Southwest said it will require . However, it confirmed in an emailed statement that the weekend’s canceled flights weren’t due to their new requirements.  

“There is no truth behind the rumors that this is a job-related action,” the company said.

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The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) that represents the airlines’ pilots also confirmed the cancellations weren’t due to a protest over the company’s vaccination requirements, according to a report from the . 

The COVID  in preventing hospitalization. Over the summer, as the delta variant swept across the US, the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths surged. As some states see record numbers of cases, unvaccinated people have accounted for nearly all the hospitalizations and deaths — . With the federal mandates, the Biden administration aims to counter the surge and put pressure on the tens of millions of people who are eligible but aren’t yet vaccinated.

Why did this only affect Southwest? 

This past weekend exposed some issues with Southwest’s business strategy. Though it’s one of the , it’s feeling the effects of the COVID pandemic. 

“We were thinly staffed coming into the weekend,” Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly CNBC on Tuesday. “We were significantly set behind on Friday, and it takes several days to catch up.” 

It also doesn’t help that Southwest uses a linear route network, also called . With this model, airplanes go directly from one city to another without going through a major hub city, like Delta Airlines flights do with, for instance, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta and United Airlines flights do with, for example, Chicago O’Hare airport. One of the benefits of Southwest’s strategy is that it lets the airline deal with airports that have less traffic, which keeps costs down and lets the company pass the savings on to customers as lower ticket prices. On the other hand, a major issue can cause a domino effect. 

In the case of this past weekend, there were thunderstorms across Florida on Friday, which caused the initial disruption. “Every single airport in the state of Florida was impacted by this,” Kelly said. “We’re probably the largest airlines in terms of seats offered in the state of Florida.”

The combination of those delays and cancellations due to weather in Florida created a ripple effect as other factors came into play. For instance, the FAA requires flight crews to take an . When a flight is delayed by several hours on a Friday, and that same crew is supposed to be handling a flight Saturday morning, they’re required to wait those eight hours before they can work on that next flight. This pushes back that flight. Because of Southwest’s point-to-point model, the plane that was going to travel to four or five cities that day won’t make those flights, and there isn’t a hub for those passengers to get rerouted. 

Southwest employees have complained for months about their exhaustion. Unions for Southwest said in August that  the company had scheduled. 

Southwest also . If a Delta flight is canceled, Delta can offer passengers a flight on American. 

Southwest’s weekend fiasco was a headache for many travelers, but the cause wasn’t an employee uprising over vaccine mandates. The airline has urged people impacted by delayed and canceled flights to on Southwest.com. 


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Watching Squid Game on Netflix? Change this subtitle setting immediately

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Squid Game Netflix

Squid Game is a sensation.


Safe to say a whole lot of people are watching . The South Korean dark survival drama is most successful non-English language show. , the horror featuring deadly children’s games is on its way to overtaking Bridgerton as Netflix’s biggest show ever.

Here’s the sting. Some viewers have noticed significant differences in the Korean-to-English translations. Depending on your Netflix settings, your English subtitles might lose something in the translation, to the point of being downright “bad” and changing the show’s meaning, according to one viewer.

So what settings should you use? Let’s dive into it all below.

Change this subtitle setting


Netflix/CNET screenshot

In a nutshell, if you want “substantially better” English subtitles, use the setting, “English.”

The other English language option is “English [CC],” which many have pointed out doesn’t provide a nuanced translation.

What’s the difference?

English Closed Captions subtitles are specifically intended for burung unik those who are deaf and hard of hearing. “Captions not only display words as the textual equivalent of spoken dialogue or narration, but they also include speaker identification, sound effects, and music description,” .

Basically, the difference between English and English [CC] is that the closed-captions setting provides descriptions of sounds, such as gasps, and prompts as to who is speaking. They’re and, in Squid Game’s case according to one viewer, a closer match to the English dub than the English subtitles.

Lost in translation: ‘the character’s purpose’

Squid Game is centered on a contest where 456 desperate players from different social classes compete for a life-changing 45.6 billion won prize.

A viral thread on Twitter dove into how the closed-captions translation went as far as changing the meaning of the show. Youngmi Mayer, who co-hosts the , wrote last week, “not to sound snobby but i’m fluent in korean and i watched squid game with english subtitles and if you don’t understand korean you didn’t really watch the same show. translation was so bad. the dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved.”

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Mayer presented a scene to illustrate some of the lost meanings.

In one scene, the character Han Mi-nyeo, a woman who claims to be a poor single mother, tries to convince people to play the game with her. The closed-captions translation says, “I’m not a genius, but I still got it work out. Huh?”

Mayer says the correct translation is: “I am very smart. I just never got a chance to study.”

Mayer added, “That is a huge trope in Korean media. The poor person that’s smart and clever and just isn’t wealthy. That’s a huge part of her character. And almost everything she says is being botched, translation-wise… The writers, all they want you to know about her is that… [It] seems so small, but it’s the entire character’s purpose of being in the show.”

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‘Wildly different’

In response, one Twitter user provided Netflix’s English subtitles, which differ to the closed captions.

“You have to change your Netflix settings to English not English CC. Here is a screen grab of that scene with English. (Screen is black cause they don’t allow grabs but the subtitle comes through),” wrote @ADeVonJohnson.

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Another Twitter user found that the closed-captions translation matched the English dub.

“I found you got different subtitles depending if you chose English or English Closed Caption (with the latter matching the dubbed dialogue and the former being wildly different),” wrote .

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Mayer has since clarified that the English language subtitles are “substantially better” than the closed-captions ones.

Although, Mayer added, “The misses in the metaphors — and what the writers were trying to actually say — are still pretty present.”

Netflix didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jeff Bezos gets physical: Now Amazon is opening real shops of its own 

Some months ago, I tried to stop using Amazon. How hard could it be, I asked myself, to shop elsewhere online? 

To avoid watching films on its Amazon Prime Video service, to put down the Kindle e-reader – and slip the shackles of the company’s smug billionaire founder Jeff Bezos?

Within weeks, though, I caved – seduced by purchases that were either half the price of those in my local shops or not available at all.

Amazon's 'four-star store' in Kent's Bluewater shopping centre sells more than 2,000 of the most popular products from Amazon's website in a shop the size of an Olympic swimming pool

Amazon’s ‘four-star store’ in Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre sells more than 2,000 of the most popular products from Amazon’s website in a shop the size of an Olympic swimming pool

For its sheer convenience and jaw-droppingly low prices, Amazon has brought much of the High Street to its knees.

Last week the tech giant opened its first physical non-food store outside the United States, in Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre – the location all-too symbolic alongside struggling stalwarts John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser.

The ‘four-star store’ sells more than 2,000 of the most popular products from Amazon’s website in a shop the size of an Olympic swimming pool. 

And, in a further assault on the British retail landscape, it will use its carefully honed algorithms to study local shopping habits and create a tailored experience designed to trounce the competition.

Bosses are secretive about the four-star store expansion plans, but America now has more than 30.

British retailers will be quaking.Around 400,000 jobs in the industry have been lost since the outbreak of Covid, while some of the best-loved names in retail including Debenhams, Topshop and Monsoon were felled by the pandemic. Even John Lewis and M&S have been forced to shut stores.

It’s perhaps the final tragi-comic twist that Amazon – which has done so much to hammer their business models – is opening up in their former turf.

The new shop in Kent arrives after six ‘Fresh’ Amazon grocery shops have launched in Britain in the past year – all featuring futuristic ‘checkout-free’ technology.Just scan yourself in on your smartphone, burung langka pop the items in your basket and walk out: you’ll be charged automatically.

Fashion retailers are not safe on the High Street, either. Amazon has previously set up pop-up fashion stores in central London to ‘understand how Amazon fashion translates in physical retail’.Research indicates that Amazon will overtake Tesco as Britain’s biggest retailer by 2025.

The company is also at the heart of the nation’s takeaway addiction via its £620million stake in Deliveroo, and it has even opened a hair salon, pairing trendy haircuts with top-of-the-range straighteners, hair dryers and curlers, which customers can then buy to be delivered to their home.

The tentacles have also reached well beyond retail, creeping onto our TV screens.

Last month the UK was gripped by Emma Raducanu’s triumphant victory at the US Open tennis – a final that, until Channel 4 bought it at the last minute, was going to be available only on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

The same service is now a dominant force in film and television (including originals such as Clarkson’s Farm). 

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos (pictured) started the $1 trillion internet titan just two decades ago from his garage in Seattle

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos (pictured) started the $1 trillion internet titan just two decades ago from his garage in Seattle

And for those who happen not to be a fan of music, film, television, live sport, restaurant food, grocery delivery or haircuts, every taxpaying Briton is paying into Amazon’s coffers, as HM Government is a major customer of Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing division.

There are even rumours that Amazon could before long deliver NHS prescriptions in the UK, as it does in the US.

In short, almost no one escapes this $1 trillion company started just two decades ago from Bezos’s garage in Seattle.

UK customers here now spend an astonishing £83billion per year on the site, which employs 1.3million staff – around the same number as the NHS itself. 

Many will argue this is all air game from a tirelessly enterprising company that has made shopping quicker and easier for millions.

And few can doubt the benefits of Amazon’s £32billion of investment into the UK since 2010, or the 55,000 jobs it has created here, many in poorer regions.

Where Amazon has led, other big chains have been forced to follow, ramping up their online delivery provisions in a virtuous circle of competition.

But the Amazonisation of the British Isles has not come without cost.The company’s business practices have long raised troubling questions about to whom, if anyone, it is accountable. 

Last year it paid less than £500million of ‘direct’ taxes on more than £20billion of UK sales. Critics labelled sections of its accounting statements the ‘opposite of meaningful transparency’.

Tax experts fear the US giant will not even be captured by the new rules agreed by the G20 group of nations earlier this year to force companies like Amazon to pay their fair share.

The way Amazon has expanded has also come under the microscope, with London councillors calling its planning applications for new Fresh stores ‘underhand’ and ‘opaque’.

One was filed under ‘British Overseas Bank Nominees Ltd M&G Property’, rather than Amazon, while another was said to have been filed by a local solicitors’ firm.

The move could be an attempt to keep jealous competitors at bay, or avoid the anger of local business people and residents – but it is not a tactic one would normally expect from such a large business.

Its ambition and ability to ‘disrupt’ so many industries must be applauded.But as it grows to become one of Britain’s most important companies, pushing much-loved firms aside, it must take responsibility for its business practices and its role as a major employer.

Two decades after it arrived in the UK, it still has many questions to answer.But will the customers trooping into Bluewater want to ask them?

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