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Essentials Of Fashion Photography Workshop

Fashion photography is more than sets, designer clothes, props which you see from the outside.

But from the inside, it's more about the brand, details of fabric, and directing the models for their next shoot. It's not just about sets, it's about how you carry that set in your photograph. It's not about the designed clothes but it's about how the details are well portrayed.

It's not about the size of the prop, it's about how well it's handled. It is about not sticking around with one thing, once you are comfortable with it. It's also about exploring new things, for example, new set designs, new people, new clients, etc.

maintaining good relations with people plays a vital role, you should never keep a judgment about, “she is just a model or just another client” that will make all your efforts build in the trash because even if the work is polished but if the client does not like you as a person would not contact with you again. It is teamwork, you should not depend only on the model to give good poses, it should also be how your photography made it look better.


Fashion photography was inspired by Adolphe Braun in 1856, wherein he photographed a series of 288 photographs of La Castiglione. La Castiglione was indeed the first fashion model! Various magazines issued Braun's photographs.

Where there is inspiration there are followers, Edward Steichen also followed his footsteps into the fashion world by taking photographs of women in gowns designed by Paul Poiret. It was promoted in the 1911 issue of Art et Decoration Magazine. Talking about art, they say that photography is an art.

Well for Edward Steichen it was an art, he was fifteen years old when he started drawing and painting. His artistic talent was considered by Pio Nono College, a Catholic boys' high school.

Later History of Fashion Photography

Later Edward's ambition turned into the next level- Photography.

His first camera was a second hand Kodak box detective camera. It shows that we always need something small to start with if you have the will to do something you can always achieve it. Then, as time passed, he became a photographer for magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, etc.

Later in his retirement, he was offered to be the director of the Naval Aviation Photographic Unit.

While every new element was added into photography, there were two competing fashion magazine rivals running the race to succeed. Any guesses? Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

We all have heard about vogue being the introduction to fashion photography. But Harper's Bazaar magazine was also in the race competing against Vogue. He clicked pictures of the middle class and higher middle-class people from Paris and Germany. Paris was a hub for fashion photography, but later in 1940 it became isolated with shutting down Vogue Paris.

Modern History of Fashion Photography

Today, in the modern era of fashion photography, it is easy to become a fashion photographer. Back then there were no social media to promote your work. Newspapers and magazines were the only resources.

Even if the competition was less it was not possible for every photographer to publish their work on these channels. Today we have social media, the cheapest communication with our audience, Editing tools to wipe out our errors, different software, designs of attire, different lights, sets, etc.

but above all now we have four categories of fashion designing.


Today, the fashion industry has grown just like the beautiful endless ruffles on a dress. There are four categories of fashion photography you need to consider and acknowledge before you enter your step into the fashion Industry.


I hope everyone reading this article has experience of shopping online. Catalog photography is about a product like attire, accessories, bags, shoes, etc.

The main agenda is that the product should be in focus. If you see the pictures on Shein, Flipkart, or amazon the models usually pose simple and showcase different profiles of their body. The models mostly stand straight and sometimes without any facial expressions.

Regarding the poses, if the attire has a side pocket, they pose dipping their hand into the pocket so that the buyers know about the depth of the garment's pocket. The background is mostly plain light colors so that the buyer focuses only on the product.

But sometimes they do add some plant or curtain to make it look real enough and not photoshopped. I don't know about other online shopping applications but Myntra also has an extra catalog shoot added to products like handbags, complicated attire, shoes, etc.

If you want to be a catalog fashion photographer, you have to target new brands who all are trying to sell their products online.


Just like the name suggests, a photography wherein top-level brands communicate with the supermodels, television actors or any professional model to promote their product with a professional shoot.

For this type of photography, you need contacts with popular brands, models, editors, publishers, etc.

Where the background, Makeup, accessories, jasa foto video wedding lights, location, and everything matters for photography. Unlike catalog photography, here expression plays a vital role, and poses cannot be straightforward.

Various fashion designers like Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi Mukharjee promote their designs with a photographer specialized in this type of photography. Brands like Zara, Forever 21, Nike and H&M also vote in their products for high fashion photography.


Street fashion photography is something every beginner can start. It focuses on street style fashion photography where the model can either be aware of photography or just candid. This type of photography is taken from a distance so that the person is candid with their expressions to avoid nervousness.

Basic trends and innovative attire are the hotspots of this photography. It is cheap as you just need a good camera and sunlight.


Like every other type has a certain main element to add its value.

Editorial photography as a story to cover in the photographs. It is a magazine shoot focusing on mood, theme, expression, etc. It is mainly to publish the photographs and write an article about that photograph. The stories can be related to events, festivals, trending colors, attire, makeup, etc.

Like the purple lipstick story of Aishwarya Rai Bachhan during Cannes. Wearing an exceptional color on Cannes cannot always turn out easy. She got many trollers but she still photographed herself which shows that you can burn any boundaries to turn out this exceptional makeup for your benefit.

All the fashion magazines were drooling over her purple lipstick story. It's funny how the smallest element of fashion photography turned out to be the talk of the town. To be an editorial photographer you have to come up with photographs of such fashion stories worth reading.

It's new, it's purple and without a clue.

To check the details of our High by Abir Roy click on the link attached.

Fashion photography is more than sets, designer clothes, props which you see from the outside.

But from the inside, it’s more about the brand, details of fabric, and directing the models for their next shoot. It’s not just about sets, it’s about how you carry that set in your photograph. It’s not about the designed clothes but it’s about how the details are well portrayed.

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