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5 Great Jester Decor Ideas

Every person has happy days as well as sad ones, but sometimes we just need to life up our mood no matter what.

There are a lot of ways to entertain oneself, and here you will find a few ideas on how to make your apartment more comfortable and cheerful using… circus-inspired decor elements! As a kid, you probably loved going to the circus full of unusual, magical things and of course jesters and clowns.

These people have always been considered funny, so you can expect that adorning your living room with jester paintings will give it the desired spirit of freedom and festivity. So, let going to have some fun, shall we?

A traditional holiday decoration, a Mardi Gras door wreath can be used to spruce up your interior design on any day.

In case you have never seen such wreaths, https://espace-microsoft.com/ it is a fancy mask adorned with varicolored ribbons and bead necklaces. The most commonly used colors are violet and green, so make sure they are in line with the palette of your apartment.

2. You can add a note of festive mood to your place by decorating it with jester dolls.

They come in different sizes and appearances and can be made of various materials, including wood, porcelain and plastic. A figurine like that will surely give you positive emotions and make you smile each time you see it!

3. A Jester Venetian Mask will amuse those who like carnivals and adore Venice as a city that allows us to celebrate this feast.

If you have ever been to a carnival, you know how different they may be, ranging from simple and cheap to exclusive and extravagant. If you adorn the walls of your living room with this jester face painting accessory, the feeling of holiday will always accompany you.

4. Vintage joker playing cards will make a nice decor item for you if you are willing to add something extravagant to your interior. Arrange these fancy cards on the table or even use them as a part of your wall decor to create a peculiar atmosphere in your room.

But beware, your guest may take you for a gambler, so you should think if this is ok with you.

5. A vibrant jester painting, like here(