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Using the “feedback” option in the Cloud Cam app, customers are able to share a specific clip with Amazon to improve the service. Amazon told Bloomberg all the clips came from employees who agreed to test the software and from customers who had sent them for troubleshooting. Dozens of employees in Romania and India are involved in the reviewing of the videos, according to Bloomberg. In some instances, the employees said, staff are faced with footage of intimate moments inside people’s houses. Amazon employees are reportedly watching video taken from inside people’s homes on the tech giant’s Cloud Cam and have even seen customers having sex. The company insists footage is only reviewed if it’s sent in voluntarily because of a problem and that customers are ‘in control’ of their videos. If you haven’t found the right partner yet, you’ll have all the control for trying everyone out. An Amazon spokesperson said: ‘We take privacy seriously and put Cloud Cam customers in control of their video clips. I strive to point out that a lot customers grasp the simplest way bad could very well be i suggest you lso are launch flick reduce to watch exactly the region for which you not unlike.