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How to get better sound from your speakers and headphones for free (or next to nothing)

That’s sad news indeed, but Katz was on that AES panel and he discussed a possible Loudness Wars cease-fire that would involve the widespread adaptation of an automatic volume adjustment technique known as normalization (Apple’s Sound Check is such a system). This currently in use process isn’t perfect, but Katz expressed the hope that future processors will be better. These normalizing algorithms don’t merely squash/compress music’s dynamic range, no, they’re more sophisticated than that and process long-term dynamic attributes. Katz expressed the hope that when these normalization techniques are perfected, highly dynamic music will be able to coexist with heavily compressed recordings in your music player. The dynamic recordings won’t sound too “quiet” when played in shuffle modes, side-by-side with heavily compressed tunes. When truly sophisticated normalization becomes a reality, record producers will be less inclined to overcompress the music. At least there’s some hope the record companies will back off on overcompression in a few years.

In the case of Earth, there followed crust formation, the development of an atmosphere, and plate tectonics, among other geologic processes, so the evidence for this early period is no longer preserve

There will also be a full slate of seminars, including “Ask the Editors,” hosted by Stereophile magazine’s John Atkinson with panelists Michael Fremer (Stereophile), Alan Taffel (The Absolute Sound), Alan Sircom (Hi-Fi+), Jeff Dorgay (Tone Audio), Stephen Mejias (Stereophile), Art Dudley (Stereophile), and Grant Clauser (Electronic House).

If you play LPs, but the turntable’s cartridge is old or damaged your records won’t sound their best, and a worn stylus will degrade the sound of your precious LPs. If a stylus (needle) is readily available, replace the stylus for the cartridge that’s mounted in the tonearm. Check the cartridge manufacturer’s website for availability.

Sony isn’t a company I normally associate with high-end audio, but it will be at the show demonstrating its award-winning SS-AR1 speaker. VPI turntables will be giving away a Scout turntable worth $1,800, with a handmade Soundsmith phono cartridge. Local dealers Audio Doctor, Sound by Singer, and Innovative Audio/Video will be on hand and they are promising lots of new gear presentations.

Now a team composed of members from the Carnegie Institution, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the University of Maryland Thru The Night – Little Roy Wiggins – Mister Steel Guitar (Vinyl are studying diogenites – a type of metoerite thought to have originated on the asteroid Vesp

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Theoretically, when a planet or large body differentiates enough to form a core, certain elements including osmium, iridium, ruthenium, platinum, palladium, and rhenium – known as highly siderophile elements – are segregated into the cor

Examination of the samples determined that the highly siderophile elements present in the diogenite meteorites were present during formation of the rocks, which could only occur if late addition or ‘accretion’ of these elements after core formation had taken plac

That’s when I realized that striving for ever more accurate recordings wouldn’t improve sound quality. The things that make sound pleasing to the ear aren’t limited to making technically better recordings (or hi-fis). Great-sounding recordings sound great mostly because of the hundreds or thousands of decisions made by the engineers who recorded, mixed, and mastered the music. Their choice of using a microphone that flattered the vocalist or saxophone, the acoustics of the recording venue, the processing that was used to create each sound within the mix make or break the sound. The recording format also plays a role, but analog or digital, they’re just a small part of the overall sound picture. Perfect sound isn’t really what most engineers are striving for; they just want to make a recording that sounds good. And good sound is a purely subjective call.

The team is studying nine samples Boogie Shoes – KC &amp (madita.biz) seven from Antarctica and two from the African desert – in attempt to learn more about how the Earth has changed from its formation in the early days of the Solar System to the present-day layering of metal core and mantle, and crus

I remember just before the CD was introduced 30 years ago thinking that digital audio would be a giant leap forward in fidelity, but as soon as I heard a few CDs I knew digital wouldn’t do a thing to make music sound more realistic. The CD was vastly better than LPs and cassettes in terms of noise and distortion, but voices still didn’t sound like they do in real life, and pianos didn’t sound as big and powerful as they do in Carnegie Hall. That mystified me; those early digital recordings were compression-free, and I was told digital didn’t add or subtract anything from the sound the microphones recorded. Digital sound should have been perfect, but it was just different than the analog recordings I grew up with.