Stormy Daniels’ Arrest Spotlights How Police Contribute To Sex Trafficking And Abuse Taxpayer Money

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I told him that I was part of this family too. The first big fight that I witnessed part of was when I was either in 11th or 12th grade. My fight or flight kicks in but I can’t move. I can’t even look at him.” Of course that made me feel like shit. She didn’t look up at me. She didn’t just up and leave me. I’m still crying and begging her not to leave. I started crying and then I got really angry. He hugged me and started crying. Our problem begins with December 31st, 1999. It just kinda started to take a little bit of a turn and some of the testosterone came out of the music. My mom started for the door and I got in between her and the front door. A few minutes of silence passes and my mom flings open my bed room door.

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> “Fine.” Sidney looked out the window. You go out for essential services, you don’t for non-essential. Little ones manner modifications very quickly. Then I hear shouting coming from the living room. All she says is, “Things between your dad and I, we’re done.” And just shuts my door and leaves to the living room. I can’t remember what was said after but I do remember that she slapped me across the face in front of my dad. So I put my hands up to block my face. I said no but if her felt like she needed to hit me, that I would block what I could. I felt so alone and abandoned. She then goes to stand up and I felt like she was going to hit me. She then gets in my face asking if I was going to hit her. So 14 year old me told my dad to his face that I lost my virginity to my shitty 17 year old boyfriend


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