Some music theory

It was a fairly frequent concept of music that emerged out of human sexual conflict – such as the brilliant pavilion tail.

In fact, a person is sexually appealing through developing musical talents.

This theory, website however, is not supplied: ten thousand twins have recently studied how musicians in bed connections are not especially happy (Mick Jagger and many other rockers, however, can argue with this).

Music is often seen as a method to communicate early with people. In fact, the emotional codes of our ancestors contain certain musical motifs.

For example, upward staccato stimulates us emotionally, whereas lengthy downward sequences quietly. Some sound patterns seem to have a universal meaning that is similarly perceived by adults, small children, even animals of different ages and cultures.

We can thus conclude quite confidently that music was created based on connections between birds and animal screams, web page to transmit their sentiments and emotions to ancient people who still didn’t have any language. The proto-language might have opened the way for the conversation.

Moreover, at some time in history music may have helped brought people together. Group dancing and choral singing made it harder for people to identify with their group.

According to the latest study on neuroscience you are no longer conscious of themselves as something separate because of the signals provided to you by your mind.

It looks like someone else and identifies himself in a mirror. In fact, since we all know our bodily responses extremely well, there is no better method for individuals to follow a path than music.

However, genuine physical participation in music is not necessary for internal changes (although it can enhance the effect).

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