Profits from your social media accounts the system

You will need to work for 3 to 6 months until you receive your first regular paycheck.

Instagram, Telegram, and TikTok are all highly popular right now, but you can also work on Facebook, VK, or OK.

You must amass a huge subscriber base within a few months in order to begin marketing services or products to them.

Using the example of the post How to Make Money on Instagram – A Complete Guide for 2019, you can see how this is done.

How to earn money on Instagram from your study notes is another fantastic example of how to make money on Instagram.

How much money can you make?

Your profits will increase as your subscriber base grows. You may generate money with a thousand followers if your account has a high percentage of audience interaction (likes, reposts, comments, etc.).

Advertisement costs in various social media networks:

in touch with

The cost of posting an advertisement in a group with 451 thousand members is $5.

Theme of the Instagram account is amusement, humor, web site and stand-up comedy scenes. 130 thousand subscribers, 15 to 25 thousand views 0.6 $ is the price.


The quality of the audience has the greatest impact on the cost of advertising. The audience’s quality is determined by the topic. The fee per subscriber in author channels ranges from $ 0.01 to $ 0.1.

The fee per subscriber goes from $ 0.2 to $ 0.5 in pubs with strong content.

The subscription price ranges from $ 0.2 to $ 0.1 per subscriber in networks with poor audience quality.

The following is an example of the cost of putting an advertisement:

The author’s blog is the subject of this post. 1800/1100 Subscribers / Views The cost is $25.


“”Business, marketing, and automotive”” are the most profitable themes since their audience has enough money and is more loyal to numerous advertising offers.

The site’s primary focus is on recreation and enjoyment. There are 60 thousand subscribers. A single post costs $25.


The topic at hand is sports. There are 115 thousand subscribers. The placement fee is $ 5.

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