Music history of the avant-garde

An Italian musician, artist and futurist, Luigi Russolo manufactures noise devices and creates a noise band and a show for futuristic music. Also known is the Intonarumori group. Thus, following the start of tonal deterioration, the blurring of the sounds/music border occurs, the most dramatic occurrence in music.

Mainly sound engines were Russolo’s instruments. Something similar was utilized for a very long time in theatre, opera and film. She arranged the noise and gave it the grandeur of music. For web site these instruments, site this piece represented a totally new step. Russolo development in the computer age – noise and industry is said to have influenced trends.

The French Tiger Rag songs were recorded by the brothels in Paris during the reign of Louis Bonaparte (1852-1870). The original father of jazz – the piano ragtime genre – is quite similar to square dancing. The emergence of Dixieland marked the start of the jazz period and the mainstream jazz was now known as Dixieland. In general, jazz is the first phenomena of globalization that includes three continents equally (America, Africa and Europe).

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