Music history in romantic times

In the Czech Republic, in Germany, and later in other countries of eastern and northern Europe, choral societies initially emerged – small but ubiquitous choral organisations. These “grassroots” organizations, phenomena such as national music, and, in general, musical romanticism, with an interest in national traditions and modest forms take form with the keyboard pieces and songs that are suitable for home performance.

In an age of romanticism, a new type of musician, the virtuoso, takes birth in a cult of his particular love. As a prodigy Niccolo Paganini, who began his life as a tournate violinist almost constantly, he did not only appeal to a wonderful performance, webpage but also to his mysterious, often exalted behaviour. The first problem a virtuoso faced with a non virtuoso was the ability of any musician to purchase his own caprices for violin (free-formed compositions created of a policed virtuoso genre due to Paganini).

The light Hand of Beethoven constitutes the symphony programme, that is to say the literary programme, a novel genre for the nineteenth century. Beethoven must complete the 9th Symphony in 1824 as an oratory to produce something that includes not only instrumental and vocal music, but also literature and music. On Friedrich Schiller’s words, solists and chorus play “Ode to Joy” The earlier works of names (vivaldi concertos, Haydn’s symphonies) must be highlighted by using paintings (or, at best, by descriptive language) and lacking literary stories. He debuted at once with Hector Berlioz in his Fantastic Symphony of 1830: Berlioz used a voice but instead asked the audience, which was a title and a short introduction to any movement, to read the accompanying text. These trials were conducted by Felix Mendelssohn. In two of his openers, Hebrides or Fingal’s Cave (1832), and site Peace from the Sea and The Happy Voyager, he was the scary predecessors of Franz Liszt’s symphonic poem type (1828-1834). The Romanticians therefore did not create their own wide-ranging form, but reworked the prior and redecorated it with new content.

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