Innovative houses, structural systems and other interesting

home innovation There is also a new update that will apply to the residence. In order to eliminate problems and support the needs of the residents to cover more and more. It has already been piloted in several plans. Each new application has different interests.

Emphasize on improving the residential project in 4 aspects, for example, Safety Home, a house that is strong and harmless according to the Healthy Home standard, a house that is constructed and decorated with items that are safe and healthy. with functions that are conducive to life for retirement Supporting the aging society in the future Smart Home, modern technology that makes life easier In addition to that, it also cares for the environment with energy conservation design for the development of longevity called “Green Home”.

Something new comes from the synergies of AP Thailand and Mitsubishi Estate, the head of fully integrated real estate development in Japan. Piloted by 4 large condo plans under the concept Invent new items designed for a better quality of life in the future.


Through the smartphone screen, Victory Property Management service that is waiting to make everyone feel comfortable. Living Agent, บ้านคอนโด buying-selling, depositing, renting, depositing-selling and renting, as well as consulting about real estate. There is also SENA SOLAR within Under the theme Eco Innovation, which is the use of electricity from solar panels. To save the cost of the center as well as being friendly to the environment as well

A home for comfort. For Homey, it’s a one-story house because it’s a home that’s the most convenient. reducing heat to the house By choosing a good construction equipment system Will result in reducing the temperature inside the house by an average of 2-3 degrees in the house.

home ventilation causing ventilation in the house helps reduce stuffiness and resulting in good indoor air quality

for comfortable living

Reiterate the design and choose a system that helps shade the walls of the house. and choosing to use compensating energy such as 3Dedor Screen System Decorative battens help protect the house from the sun. by providing shade to the walls of the house And it helps reduce heat to the house. Can be adjusted according to beauty, both horizontally and vertically including various patterns Easy to set up and shorten the time

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