Hong Kong Double Killer Rurik Jutting ‘romped With Eight Prostitutes’

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He’s lucky to have survived, as some of his friends didn’t make it. The stories he tells about his sex, nudes website drugs and rock ’n’ roll wild days make you laugh, gasp and wonder not only how he’s still sitting here in front of you but also how he’s managed to clean up, marry up (his intelligent, wholesome theatre producer wife, Sally, is nearby) and at 72, step up his workload. Pete Townshend wasn’t grieving, he was furious because he knew what an idiot Keith had been with the drugs. ‘Worried? For Mick? No, I wasn’t worried at all. It wasn’t until someone told me about camming that I knew what it was. He called us all to see him in his hotel room and told us what was going on, which was a bit of a gob-smacker at the time. Build your own chat room and invite the people you want.

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