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Spacious and nude sex cams strange, nowhere is this freedom more capably utilised than on Metal Box, movies with a lot of sex the London quartet’s second album. Originally released in a – yes – metal box, the band considered separating with sandpaper the three 12″ discs onto which their hypnotic and dependably challenging songs were pressed. Propelled by the melodic and mischievous songwriting of Glen Danzig, the Misfits played songs about Martians and zombies with the kind of revelry that Ed Wood Jr. might have brought to The Beach Boys. A curious case of a band becoming a brand – the quartet’s skull logo is more widely known than any of their songs – at least the music on Walk Among Us, their debut album, is worthy of re-appraisal. A compelling live draw in both New York and Washington DC, the Rastafarian quartet’s home city, Attitude… Their fourth was a former ice-cream shop manager from Washington DC named Henry Lawrence Garfield, who relocated to LA and became Henry Rollins.

In receipt of GBH of the earhole from the ol’ good-cop-bad-cop routine, Muir was instructed to sign a form giving access to his medical records, to submit a sample of his handwriting, and to provide prior notification if ever he planned to visit Washington DC. It is known for giving clitoral stimulation that is intense, which is why many women love it. Just to be alive, and I live off nothing but a Social Security check. The important thing is to leave the awkwardness and tension completely out of what you do, and only progress further if he is responding (i.e the timing is right), otherwise it’s just a massage and nothing more. Take the time to teach each other how you like to be touched through sensual massage. With 11 million sales to its name, Smash remains the highest-selling independent rock record of all time. A messy and costly affair, it is not unreasonable to believe that the state jeapordised the liberty of an independent band lacking in corporate muscle simply because it could.

With the release of Frankenchrist, the third album from the Dead Kennedys, the US authorities decided they’d had just about enough of the country’s most provocative punk band. It also happens to be only the third native release of its kind to have attained platinum status in its country of origin. Described by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch as “the best hardcore punk album of all time,” the first full-length release by Bad Brains is a creation of such precision and power that its game-changing qualities are revered to this day. Produced by Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Los Angeles is the punk album that best encapsulates the city from which it takes its name. According to Elvis Costello “The Damned were the best punk group… I loved them from the start.” It seems fitting that Declan Patrick MacManus would say this, because shortly after The Damned had recorded their debut album, Damned Damned Damned, its producer, Nick ‘Basher’ Lowe, recycled the master tape for use by Costello himself.

When Metallica began wearing Misfits t-shirts in the late 1980s, the barely-remembered punk group from New Jersey enjoyed a resurgence that last year culminated in a tour of the largest arenas in North America. And Out Come The Wolves is the finest American punk record of the nineties. By the time Black Flag convened to record Damaged, their debut album, the band had already burnt their way through three singers. Joining Black Flag was a bit like joining the marines: the group toured relentlessly in circumstances so penurious that its members were occasionally required to eat dog food to survive. No surprise to learn, then, that Damaged has a bit of an edge to it. So as we were cleaning the kitchen the other night i sat on the edge of the island and said “how about right here?” and took off my shirt. Featuring an economical buzz-saw sound and the unique harmonies of singers Exene Cervenka and John Doe, in X’s eyes the City of Angels – in which “the days change at night, cam show porn change in an instant” – is a place where serial rapists stalk their prey on public buses and the idle rich ask the hired help to burn them with curling-tongs.

The sound of Pamela Smart arrives before she does. ” is the tribute paid to a fallen friend who could be found “shooting dope in the men’s room” on the magnificent Daly City Train. A friend recalled a time when someone denied another gay couple were lovers, with Warhol saying: ‘That would be like saying Jed and I were just friends’. I remember the loud banging on my sister’s door followed by the screams of my mom yelling at and berating my sister for not having her homework done already, which my sister would have been already working on at that time of the day. Looking like individuals in keen need of a dollar from a stranger, Rancid had talent to burn and clothes that appeared to have been salvaged from the fire on which they’d burnt it. Now this is what you need to do. But Smash, their bouncing collection of punk rock nuggets, proved irresistible, then as now.

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