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The sea eagle retrieves the state, I hope to reproduce the glory last season.
Seattle Hawks, Doug Baldwin revealed that the team held a internal meeting before the game, wholesale jerseys the players and coaches believed that the team needs to find the feeling of the past, this feeling is not just the body. The top, cheap nfl jerseys is also spiritual. This week, cheap jerseys from china the Hawks were defeated by 19-3 to defeat the National Leader Le Le Le Le Le La Lili. It seems that the meeting has played a certain effect.

Baldwin said: “We need to find something we have lost, this has a subtle change. In today’s game, we re-found the feeling. In the game, we believe in every teammate, respect each teammate. We played the counter, we all understand that he must regain the feeling. “Baldwen believes that several core players in the team will lead the team to continue.

Russell Wilson also said: “We didn’t open such a meeting, we discussed how to reproduce glory. I once feel that we are no longer our previous, but now, whether it is What is the reason, I think we are back. “