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Monday April 6 (day after we spent the night together) she tells me she wants to see me but can’t miss her trainer again in the morning. She missed her trainer on Monday morning after our Sunday night together. Friday April 10 she texts me and solicits to hang out and we make plans for that night. Anyway, I know girls can be flaky before you get them out on a first date or chat live porn before you fuck them but I’ve never experienced anything like this with a girl that I already fucked and slept over and did all this with. Every girl in this situation has wanted to hang out and we’ve fucked many times. After this I decide I’m done I’m never reaching out to her again unless she reaches out to me. I’m definitely not reaching out to her again and if she reaches out to me I’m going to take my time in responding. Seriously, people who annoy us in movie theaters bring out homicidal tendencies which we’re usually pretty good at suppressing.

She was saying stuff like “I like you” and “I love your kisses” and “you fuck good” etc. She told me she came 4x. It was a spectacular night and about as much fun as a man could possibly have with a woman. Sunday April 12 she FaceTime’s me drunk in the pool in her bikini and texts me that night that she misses me. Texts me that evening that she fell asleep and said let’s do something tomorrow instead. She texts me let’s do day stuff tomorrow instead. Thursday April 9 she texts me sorry and gives me some excuse for not getting back to me the day prior and we exchange a couple of messages and that’s it. An hour or so before we’re supposed to get together she texts me that she has some training call that she thought would be cancelled because it’s Easter weekend but it’s not. And if she is pregnant again, it will only get worse.

Desiree Cousteau in vintage sex movie - XVIDEOS.COM Guys who are total tops who can’t afford or locate a suitable TS female for fun will sometimes find replacement pleasure with a fem boi. I think she’s just a slut and probably banging a bunch of guys. At this point I’m super annoyed and literally think this girl must be a retard lol. That night she Facetime’s me drunk with her girlfriend at her apartment and I tell her to come over with her girlfriend but they say no. So, again, this girl flakes on plans. Late that night he called, saying he wanted to explain. She is gaslighting you by saying that her sexual days are behind her. The boys are back town and new to VOD. The balding effect may also reduce chest, back and armpit hair. Wednesday April 8 I text her to get together when I’m headed home from work and chat sex free don’t hear anything back. Saturday April 11 I text her about when she wants to get together and she’s at her girlfriend’s house all day drinking by the pool and doesn’t reply about getting together.

Monday April 20 I texted her to see if she wants to 4/20 and don’t hear from her. I see on IG stories she was celebrating 4/20 with her girlfriend that night. But the flakiness was there from the beginning as even the first time I met her she flaked the first time I went to pick her up before coming down the second time I came over that night. Tuesday April 7 we make plans to get together at night and she flakes. Monday April 13 we make plans to hang out later. We don’t hang out. Friday April 17 I texted her to restart the convo and she asked me to hang out on Sunday and told me she’s all mine that day. Sunday April 19 I texted her in the late morning and late afternoon regarding hanging out and don’t hear from her. She even texted me on Saturday April 18 (the next day) to see what our plan is for Sunday. Sunday April 26 (today) I posted a story on IG and she messages me. If she’s got you hooked and wanting to know more about your own chart, the natural next step would be Chani Nicholas’ “You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance.” Nicholas is a career astrologer with a broad platform.

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