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Tampa Bay pirate offer 20 million gold renewal each season

Although Tampa Bay pirates have a four-point Wei Jie Miss Winston, this does not mean that his position is very stable.

Next week, cheap nike nfl jerseys the Subject of the free player was now determined that a contract with a total of 8 million US dollars a season worth 8 million. This contract predict that Glennong became The most expensive substitute for the league is quiz.

Glennong has currently received invitation cheap jerseys from china Chicago and china jerseys New York jet, and it may become the first quarter-off. The 27-year-old Glennong is the third round of the pirate 2013. The first two seasons have been in 18 games, and cheap nike nfl jerseys 29 passed by 29 passes. 15 times were completed by 3 wins and 13 losses. Record.

Although his substitute wage is a bit high, it is acceptable to consider the wage hat rose this year this year.

At present, Glenn farm choices wait, he wants to watch the situation in the free market and the first needs of other teams, and if everything fails, he can also come back to do his substitute quarter-saving.

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