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Dan-Quin is surprised to the balance of Salunan

The Falcon Cohandan – Quiin knows how difficult it is to make a balance in the arrangement of the playoffs and make a balance in the future coach work. Therefore, cheap football jerseys for sale he has a deep surprise for both Kyle Salunan.

According to ESPN report, Quin is called him to appreciate the ability of this offensive coordinator cheap jerseys nfl free shipping to maintain a focus. The Falcon has taken 80 points in the two playoffs.

“I am proud of him, I know that in the case of countless cases, I am not easy.” Quin said, “I think that Salunan is commendable, he will focus on the competition, know how to attack, how to score The longer time, the more you understand his importance and abilities. The alliance allows them (Schanehan and 49 people) to talk again, I am also convinced that they will do this. “

Salunhan will conduct a second interview with 49 people on Saturdays, and he will have the opportunity to strive for wholesale jerseys the general manager. But 49 people can’t formally hire Deshanan before the end of the super bowl.

Quinn was in the same situation two years ago, and the Falcon hired him from the sea eagle, and cheap jerseys free shipping it looked at the losses.

“I tried to share my experience.” Quin said, “I don’t tell him what, but say & lsquo; these may not be very secure, these things I feel so, I will be so this week. made.”

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