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The story of Easter Island, and its transformation from a rich biological paradise into a barren windswept wasteland serves as an indication of the damage that humans are capable of inflicting. Whereas Chicago and Detroit were flat, barren lands of ice and frozen tundra, the Pacific Northwest has many interesting features to enhance your winter experience such as hills, as in very steep hills, houses with terraced stairs, great steep driveways – to name just a few of the perks for winter. I have to stop here to point out that our front steps, though not cement as in the picture, were terraced wooden steps – to the tune of 3 sets, the final step ending on a block of cement. Thinking I was being oh so clever, instead of stepping out onto the driveway which I swear my husband waxes in the summertime with sealant so it can be an ice rink in the wintertime, I decided to step on the running board of the SUV. I only remember putting my feet on the running board and the next thing I knew, I shot off into the driveway, somehow flipped around and was lying on my back in the snow, clutching the bottle of wine like a football.

The next thing I knew, I was airborne. Might not be a comforting thing to admit but that doesn’t make it less true. ACT NOW! Think about what you can do to make things better even if it is simply to laugh at yourself or lovingly correct someone who is being obnoxiously rude toward you. I bet he was just jealous that I could look so graceful and not even break the wine! To cheer me up, Bob decided we’d say goodbye to Pat and then head over to the store, free online sex movies (more about Freeadultsexcams) buy ourselves a nice bottle of wine and then have a nice relaxing evening at home. I’m still not sure if he was mad because he was worried about the wine (which look Bob – I happened to save), or if he was just mad because I shot off the car like I was parachuting out the side of a plane. It was still afternoon though dusk was fast approaching.

I must also state emphatically that the ice queen still reigneth and I am still holder of the crown for most graceful dismounts on ice. At this lovely time of year, when here in Oregon, we are in fact embracing our first subzero temperatures, it seems only fitting that I should recount for you where my ice queen adventures all started. Oh yeah – I had to make sure I stayed in shape with my funny stories about the ice so I didn’t want to let too much time go by before perfecting yet another slip and fall! The ice queen strikes again. On dressing that morning, I really hadn’t had a chance to think much about the weather and as so often happens with me, I was focused on the tasks at hand. “I think I will proceed cautiously,” Andrew said. Read a scripture of faith and believe that God will answer your prayers. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind before signing up for a live chat site is to thoroughly read terms and conditions. Sounded like just the thing to get me back to square one.

The first time I decided to ‘perform’ on ice was back in the early 1980s when we had first moved to Washington state. One lovely December day, we had just taken our son to the bus station as he was taking the bus back to the Seattle area. I had seen my 2 youngest kids off and only had our oldest son Jonathan to drop off somewhere on my way to work. Get dressed, get Jon, get out the door and on my way. Dressed in slacks, a sweater, my ever-present white coat and clogs, I headed out. Check out her series XConfessions. I checked to make sure the lights were off, door locked, and stepped out onto the porch. Sherlock! Before I could say something I would regret later, all I could think of was ‘what if the neighbors saw me floundering like a flying whale off the porch? The other casualties included all of the famous marine reptiles, all of the flying pterosaurs and the iconic ammonites, which had previously been very abundant and had survived the Permian Mass Extinction, which was actually much more severe in terms of casualties. OneAmerica declined to disclose how much it has donated to the cause.

If you can’t take anymore upset, don’t cause more upset to change the balance. I would highly advise you not to cause such a flap that you destroy things in your wake, but you do have power to control some things and to lift up others on the gentle winds that you create by floating like a butterfly and carrying sting salve or an epi pen around in your pocket in case you run into stinging bees. Imagine what a beautiful relationship could have been between one of them and myself if not for this foolishness. I could have my own show if only I could get someone to support me – in more ways than one. What are some ways you deal with upsetting events and how would you like to change your response to things that you can’t change? There are also batterys that fail. There is multiple confusion in this ‘christian’ theological talking. There is a story that says when a butterfly flaps it’s wings thousands of miles away it creates a current that travels the world.

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