Artem Tarasov can fight Jeff Monson

Russian blogger and sambo wrestler Artem Tarasov named the name of the likely next opponent. It could be American MMA veteran Jeff Monson.

“Now there are many different proposals and fights. If I beat Alexander Emelianenko, then everything would be much cooler, – said Tarasov “SE”. “There is such information that, most likely, there will be a fight with Jeff Monson.”

Tarasov fought his last fight on September 18 in the Our Delo promotion against Alexander Emelianenko. In that confrontation according to the rules of boxing with gloves for MMA, the blogger lost by unanimous decision to the heavyweight.

“I will not talk about which league this fight can take place in. Let’s fight with the one from whom the best offer will be. There will be either boxing, or boxing with gloves for MMA, or web site bare fists, “Tarasov said.

On account of the 50-year-old Monson in MMA 60 wins, 26 losses and 1 draw. In November 2011, in Moscow, he fought the famous fight against Fedor Emelianenko, losing to him by unanimous decision after three rounds.

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