animals that have a strong body defense system

animals that have a strong body defense system – every animal must have a self-defense system so that they are free from predatory animals that are ready to attack but it turns out that each animal has a different self-defense

Cuttlefish have a defense mechanism in disguise. Its ability to disguise itself makes it one way to escape from predators and is also able to change its skin color rapidly according to the surrounding environment. Not only the color of the body, but also the shape of the body to match the texture of the environment. The horned lizard from Texas is no less because it has other self-defense systems. When threatened, it shoots a stream of blood from under its eyes. When the predator is still in shock, he will use it to escape.

You must have never heard the name of this animal, namely Motyxia Sequoia, this species of millipedes is similar to other species. However, at night, when threatened, its body will emit a light as a warning sign to keep predators away. but if the predator is still stubborn, then the predator must taste the liquid cyanide and rotten chemicals that are released from all the pores of their bodies.

and the last one is the skunk, which must be familiar with this one animal because of its unique defense system, namely the two glands under their tail. The glands will produce a sulfur-containing chemical mixture with a very unpleasant odor.

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